SUMMER · 2019

Summer Poet

The American contemporary artist John Mason is the overall inspiration for Heartmades Summer 2019 Collection.

John Mason is known for his geometrical clay sculptures where he is focu- sing on combining the concept of rotation, symmetry and the integration of colours and form. His way of combining the natural colours from clay with the dynamic shapes create a very rough and minimalistic look.

In contrast the Summer 19 Collection is also inspired by the soft summer light, the sense from dry owers and a slow poetic mind that reminds you of the south of France.

In the Summer 19 Collection the light transparent fabrics, dusty colours and owery prints gives a feminine look that lead your mind towards romantic summer evenings.

The colour palette goes from dusty rose, bright pink, clear orange to optic white all in a soft mood that creates a very feminine look.

The feathery and drapery shapes of dresses are perfect for any summer party and for the cooler summer nights you can style it together with the soft boucle’s.

When the days are getting shorter, the shadows are getting longer and a colder wind embraces you – the fall is on its way.