Seduction, new impressions, and timelessness are some of the key words for this collection.

The collection is inspired by the contrast between the security of a familiar moment and the feeling of being hit by an explosion of new impressions when you travel to a new city.

Here, all the senses are stimulated by new smells, sounds and intriguing architecture. This creates the seductive feeling of how new dynamics affect you.

That is the feeling we want to evoke in you when you travel with us through our new Summer 2023 collection.

In this collection you will find beautiful, strong prints with Nature motifs and graphic contrasts. Introduced is also a playful color palette featuring electric blue and purple. Alongside the playfulness, you will find toned down, timeless tones of light sand, delicate peach nuances and black.

Be seduced by unique fabrics with delicate textures, distinctive and sophisticated lace, and fluid silks. Unexpected shapes and feminine details are represented to fulfill a versatile collection in true Heartmade DNA without compromising on comfort. 



A fascination of the human being, personality and individualism. This collection is inspired by dandyism – an exquisite oasis of elegance and masculine silhouettes. Yet in this collection it is combined with the energy of Heartmade. 

New clean cuts, feminine details, sculptural tailoring and knits are indispensable for this collection. You will also find versatile pieces as fluid silk dresses apace with casual and textured denim styles with beautiful trim and glamorous gold buttons that encapsulates the inspiration. 

The main colors are shades of nature green and blue nuances with a pale softness of purple, lighter browns, and greys. Finally, the prints for this season reflect an oasis of elegance. Refined animal-inspired prints as well as bold and small botanical motifs which are repeated in infinity. 

For this season everyone can create their own space emphasizing one’s own personality and individualism. 




The Pre spring collection is a visual journey of impressions in everyday lige. It's an embrace and a combination of creation, fascination and originality both from the past and today.

For this season you will find a constant shifting dialogue from everyday silhouettes, contemporay creations and extravagant fabrics.

The colors are a distilled palette of natural vibrations, organic and blue tones which add warm lightness to a more contrasted light purple, and pink shades make the entire color palette come alive.

Prints are a fascination of original elements combined with modern interpretation which amplifies the color palette.

In the collection you will experience fluid silk and sophisticated lace dresses, essential and textured tailoring with true metallic Heartmade trimming alongside crisp cotton with feminie details and relaxed creations which offer a sense of contrast, true to our DNA.


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