This season we are on a metamorphic journey. We are spectators when the caterpillar develops from a pupa into a beautiful butterfly. We witness when cold, sharp rock walls are transformed into soft and squiggly forms under the surface of the sea.

The collection reflects an abstract interpretation of the Nordic landscapes and its metamorphous tendencies in form, color, prints and texture.

With an eye on the varying textures in Nature, this season we will meet both smooth and matte surfaces, but also the woolly and glittering ones.

The silhouettes are jumble of flattering, elegant drapes, and more graphic, modern pieces. Beautiful prints and luxurious silk unfold in the collection’s beautiful party dresses.

Exclusive customized qualities in true Heartmade DNA are also represented in the season’s knits and heavy wool outerwear.

Join us on a metamorphic journey in true Heartmade spirit with the winter & pre spring collection.





In this season the wilderness meets elegance with a hint of the psychedelic. This collection embraces watery drapes and classic, simple shapes interpreted in new and modern ways.

The fabrics vary from heavy to delicate – where subtle structures constitute the link between the two and establish the perfect cohesion.

In this collection you will find customized wools in true Heartmade DNA. Also, you will be seduced by delicate silks, exclusive knitwear, and warm down outerwear.

The silhouettes are a jumble of flattering, elegant drapes with an ethnic touch.

Delicate and fading colors alongside a graphic yet fluid expression representing a modern psychedelic vibe. To ensure the Heartmade feel this is matched with douche, nature colors and bohemian shapes.




Seduction, new impressions, and timelessness are some of the key words for this collection.

The collection is inspired by the contrast between the security of a familiar moment and the feeling of being hit by an explosion of new impressions when you travel to a new city.

Here, all the senses are stimulated by new smells, sounds and intriguing architecture. This creates the seductive feeling of how new dynamics affect you.

That is the feeling we want to evoke in you when you travel with us through our new collection.

In this collection you will find beautiful, strong prints with Nature motifs and graphic contrasts. Introduced is also a playful color palette featuring electric blue and purple. Alongside the playfulness, you will find toned down, timeless tones of light sand, delicate peach nuances and black.

Be seduced by unique fabrics with delicate textures, distinctive and sophisticated lace, and fluid silks. Unexpected shapes and feminine details are represented to fulfill a versatile collection in true Heartmade DNA without compromising on comfort. 


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