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The winter - Pre spring collection is a visual journey of impressions in everyday lige. It's an embrace and a combination of creation, fascination and originality both from the past and today.

For this season you will find a constant shifting dialogue from everyday silhouettes, contemporay creations and extravagant fabrics.

The colors are a distilled palette of natural vibrations, organic and blue tones which add warm lightness to a more contrasted light purple, and pink shades make the entire color palette come alive.

Prints are a fascination of original elements combined with modern interpretation which amplifies the color palette.


In the collection you will experience fluid silk and sophisticated lace dresses, essential and textured tailoring with true metallic Heartmade trimming alongside crisp cotton with feminie details and relaxed creations which offer a sense of contrast, true to our DNA.





The collection takes inspiration from a rooftop view of Copenhagen city. A view of joy, a contrast of modern and antique architecture, organic surfaces and beautiful colors. It’s a feeling of curious existing - to be a part of something bigger. All combined with true Heartmade DNA which comes to life in the prints. Think of delicate ethnic ornaments, fine micro flowers and tie dye in classic tones.

The colors are a mystery balance of earthy shades and golden colors combined with electric blue and bright rose. Fabrics are an elegant selection of soft silk and cotton, rich boucle’s in sophisticated structure, jackets in minimalistic yet feminine cuts. The knits are casual, shirts are neat and the pants are classic wide legged. For this season you will find a very versatile wardrobe for the modern woman’s ever-changing needs.





For the Pre-fall 2022 we are embracing functionalism and good craftmanship. The collection is inspired of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese traditions which gives a perfect harmony to the collection. Clean cuts, natural fabrics and purity are some of the keywords for this uncomplicated collection. 

True to our DNA it’s a collection with beautifully strong prints and graphic contrasts. The color combination is delicate and natural, with a vibrant of classic strong colors such as deep purple and turquoise, clear blue tones and mature red which gives depth to the palette. All fabrics are carefully selected and combined.

An elegant and vivid expression of airy silk and cotton, decorated fabrics, indigo denim, and soft flannel as a contrast. 


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